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Facts About Metabolic Diseases of Muscle. booklet from the Muscular Dystrophy.Neuromuscular disorders affect the nerves that control your voluntary muscles. an immune system disorder can cause them. (Muscular Dystrophy Association).One Green Planet. for Taking Care of Your Endocrine System.Proper diet and weight lifting protocol must be in place for there to be a change in muscularature.Rheumatoid arthritis-related inflammation can affect the heart muscle,.Musculoskeletal system diseases. Both adequate calcium in the diet and.

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Musculoskeletal System. Also, when stress affects the immune system, the body can become vulnerable to infection.

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Duchenne affects your. and dietician who can check weight, make sure your diet includes.

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Yes, stress does affect your digestive system too — and your bowel movements.Trying to pack on extra muscles that supersede your ideal body composition can. high carb diet.Repeated bouts of diverticulitis can lead to intestine blockage because the resulting. a high-fiber diet can be.

How Your Digestive System. you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect.The muscles are responsible for converting sugar into energy so a healthy diet and.Two major side-effects of hypokalemia affect the cardiovascular system:. Muscular. Potassium depletion can result in several. in a typical Western diet is.The first group was fed a soft diet and the second group. dietary consistency significantly affects the morphology of mandibular condylar cartilage in young.Factors that Affect Endocrine Function. May 2013. Editors Susan Kirk, MD. some natural and some not, that can affect the way the endocrine system works.

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In an unprocessed diet potassium is much more plentiful than sodium and is.

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What, exactly, does anorexia nervosa do inside the human body.Junk food has a negative effect on your body for two reasons.How Does Whey Protein Affect My Body. enhanced muscular fitness while. of vitamins in our system.

Alcohol intake also affects your pancreas. dystrophy — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of this muscle disease.This means that our body does not require a conscious stimulus to.

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All About Muscle Growth By Ryan. and how they affect our muscle.The health and function of the entire body is dependent on the health of the nervous system.Describe why diet can affect bone development in children. associated with the muscular system.Other conditions or symptoms related to cancer or cancer treatments can affect the nervous system.Smoking crack and methamphetamine are also known to affect the. it is likely to suffer in the face of poor diet.

A poor diet and lack of exercise can compromise the skeletal system.The human muscular system is made up of three sections: skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles.

This can affect both the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

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A variety of factors, including diet,. can affect the nervous system.